5 simple ways a self-storage manager can quickly rent more units

operations Jan 12, 2018

Do you need to increase your occupancy rate? Use these 5 easy tips to rent more self storage units.

1) Give the move-in price, not the monthly rate

When potential customers call your facility and ask for the price of your 10x10 unit, instead of simply answering, “The monthly rate is $99,” differentiate your facility by starting a conversation.

Manager: “When would you like to move in?”

Tenant: “Saturday”

Manager: “Your rent for this month would be $39, then $99 each month after that. What is your name and phone number so that I can hold a unit for you until you can sign the rental agreement?”

Most storage software has a pro-rate feature built in to easily calculate the pro-rated move-in rate. If your software doesn’t, simply use the move-in feature to get the rate, and then cancel the move-in.

2) Ask for tenants

Do you have a referral program? Offer your tenants a free month if they refer a friend. Referral programs are an easy way to increase your word of mouth marketing. You can give current tenant vouchers to give to their friends upon move in or mail them after they are an established tenant. You can also build your social media platform and randomly give a free month rent for new “likes”, “shares” or “re-tweets.” Help your customers spread your business to their friends by making it easy and building in rewards for them.

3) Solve their problems

Selling is all about problem-solving. If someone calls or visits your facility, they are primed to rent. If you can solve any problem that would prevent them from becoming a tenant quickly, you will convert more leads. What do your tenants care about? Security? Location? Price? Access hours? You should do a survey when people move in to make sure that you understand their concerns, and then build your processes to solve their problems.

4) Make it easy

If you can make it easy for tenants to rent and move in, you’ll sell more units. Most people don’t want to move their belongings into storage on a Saturday, so make it easy on them by having trucks, carts, and dollies available.

5) Make it virtual

If you can make renting a unit as streamlined and automated as possible, you will rent more units. Can tenants rent online? Do you take credit cards? Can the lease be signed electronically? Do you have a kiosk for easy move-ins and payments? If you don’t currently offer any of these things, at least ask what day and time the new tenant will be coming so that someone is ready to help on-site.  

Implementing any of these strategies will help you sell more units quickly. If you have managers working with you, be sure to have a conversation with them about how they can sell more units. You can offer them these strategies, and they may have their own innovative suggestions, too.

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