6 Steps to More Freedom in Your Self Storage Business

operations Mar 07, 2018

Do you want more freedom in your self storage business? Do you find yourself working at your self-storage business more than you expected? If you have a manager, do you wonder if he or she is keeping you fully in the loop?

Do you want to be able to relax, knowing that your business is taken care of? Do you want the freedom to take extended trips and not worry?  

Here are a few ways to achieve more freedom in your self-storage business:

  1. Have procedures – You need company procedures on basic operations: answering the phone, start of day, end of day, how to show a unit, renting units, collecting payment, making deposits, cleaning schedule, policy on refunds, policy on waiving late fees, etc.
  2. Have a manual – If you don’t have the procedures documented and gathered in an organized way (like a manual), and then you are basically letting your employees guess how you want your business run.
  3. Hire Quality People – There is no replacement for a good manager. Someone who is friendly, proactive and customer service oriented will help you grow your business. Don’t skimp when you are hiring someone who will have first contact with every single potential customer.
  4. Training – Invest in training for your staff. Train them in sales and customer service because that is what their job is all about. The better sales people that you have on staff, the more money you will make and the more time you will have.
  5. Don’t let your manager do your accounting – Seriously. Why would you let the same person collect money, deposit it in the bank, and reconcile the books, unless you enjoy not sleeping at night?
  6. Mystery Shopping – Have someone mystery shop your store and your competitors. How do you measure up? Knowing that your employees are doing an outstanding job will let you rest easier.

As a former self-storage manager turned CPA, I work exclusively with self-storage businesses. My services include monthly accounting and bookkeeping, operational audits, site inspections, and process analysis. Please email me at [email protected] to get started with having more freedom in your storage business.


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