How to rent more storage units

operations Feb 07, 2018

What do you do if you need to rent more storage units? How do you get more move-ins?

Let say a self storage business owner, we’ll call him, “John,” built a self storage facility, thinking that it would fill up within a year. Two years later, he was stuck at 45% occupancy. His manager and weekend employee were nice enough, and the phone rang every time he was in the office, but John wasn’t seeing the results he wanted.

John decided to start tracking the number of phone calls his office received, compared to the number of his move-ins, and he realized that he was only converting 15% of his calls to move-ins. He didn’t know what the problem was. He had already cut rates, run ads, added specials, and put new banners in front of his facility. But how could he convert more phone calls to move-ins? How could he rent more storage units?

If John were my customer, I would coach him through implementing the 5 steps to a good self storage phone call. It’s true that renting storage is both an art and a science. You can follow a script, but then you might sound like a robot. You can wing it and go with the flow, but you may forget a few things.

Selling should be helpful (2)

When I consult with customers on how to handle phone calls, I coach the manager in making scripted guideline, and we do a lot of roleplaying to get comfortable with phone calls. A phone call is like a dance. You should be able to lead the person where you want them to go, but they should also enjoy it. Selling should be helpful, not painful. Someone is calling you because they have a problem and you have the solution for them.

Here are the 5 steps to a good phone call that will help you rent more units.

  • Introduction (Greeting)
  • Ask good questions (Conversation)
  • Match your benefits to their needs (Features and Benefits)
  • Display your value (Pricing and Specials)
  • Making the Sale (Close the deal)

Most self storage employees don’t follow these 5 steps. I have done many secret shopping calls, and I hear people skip from the greeting straight to pricing and specials, without asking me any questions or talking about the self storage business’ benefits, and they definitely don’t ask for the close.

If you are John and your occupancy isn’t increasing as much as you would like, let me know. One of my services is to provide on-site phone training to your employees. I will assess your facility, as well as your competitions’ facilities, and help your employees sell better.

In five easy steps, you and your employees could be converting phone calls to move-ins.

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