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Module 1: Getting Prepared

Lesson 1: Preparing Yourself

Lesson 2: The "Self Storage CPA" Approach

Module 3: Increasing Rates

Lesson 7: Increasing Street Rates

Lesson 8: Increasing Current Customer Rates

Lesson 9: Raise Rates with Confidence

Module 2: Gathering Data

Lesson 3: Finding Your Zone

Lesson 4: Understand Your Market

Lesson 5: Verifying Your Data

Lesson 6: Assess Demand

Module 4: Track Your Results + Premium Pricing

Lesson 10: Track Your Results

Lesson 11: Premium Pricing

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In Revenue Management Course, You'll Learn…

    ✓ How to overcome the fear that is holding you back from making the money you desire.
    ✓ Price with confidence: Gather the right data to know your prices are perfect! Stop wondering if you are charging the right amount.
    ✓ A step-by-step process that any self storage owner or manager can follow. Price techniques aren't just for large companies!
    ✓ Videos, worksheets, and tutorials designed to make you more money and increase the value of your facility.

Hi. I'm Magen Smith, CPA

I started my career as a self storage manager, then became a CPA.  I help owners run their business from the inside out. I consult with owners who want a "Perfect 10" facility and are not sure how to get there.

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What others have said about Magen's approach to revenue management:

" Magen has been consulting with me for over a year. During that time, I've seen higher income and lower expenses. Our delinquent accounts are at an all time low due to Magen's advice and processes. She is easy to work with and offers solid advice."

" I saw you in Vegas at the Storage Conference this year, your topic was on increasing tenant prices. We've successfully implemented this at 1 of our 3 facilities without issues now."

" Business is going very good. We did rent raises for each facility shortly after ISS and had very little conflict."


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