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Self Storage Auditing

Auditing for results!  

Our audits are designed to improve operations, empower the managers to follow the proper process, and give the owner comfort their property is running well. 

What is a Self Storage Audit? 

Let's start with a self storage audit is NOT.  It is not a walkthrough and inventory count.  A good audit goes starts by discussing your goals for the property, your comfort with your staff, and your current process.  

We spend time at your property and review whether the current operations are in line with your expectation. We bring our years of experience with developing, owning, operating, consulting and managing properties to provides you with best practices to improve your current storage operations. 

Which Self Storage Audit is right for you: 

Marketing Audit

As the self storage industry becomes more competitive, having your marketing plan up to date and on point is imperative. We provide a 360 review of your marketing plan to make sure no leads get lost. 

operational audit

Operational audits are focused on the day to day details that can make or break your property. We perform a comprehensive review of your operations and look for ways to improve efficiencies and enhance your business. 

comprehensive audit

Comprehensive audits involved looking at your entire business and ensuring it is in line with industry best practices. We follow the customer journey from the first point of contact through the rental process, then review operations from beginning to end. No stone is left untouched with this detailed audit. 

You have questions. We have answers.  

How often should an audit be done? 

We suggest reviewing numbers and reports weekly, performing a walkthrough and inventory count monthly, and conducting a deep audit 2x per year. Much of this depends on the experience of the owner and manager and comfort level with the procedures and processes. 

I trust my manager. Do I really need an audit? 

I trust my manager too or they wouldn't be working for me! We do not believe in auditing solely for theft, in fact, we rarely approach auditing that way.  A productive audit begins with the mindset of improving the business and looks for opportunities to do so. We bring our years of experience in managing, developing, and operating to improve and enhance your business. And we work with the manager to make that happen. 

Which audit do I need? 

We love to help our customers figure out which audit is right for them.  No matter which path we take, we want you to get value from our audit and leave with your business being made better. 

If you want to increase occupancy, close more leads, streamline your marketing, and ensure that your marketing plan is providing results, the marketing audit is for you. 

For owners who want comfort that their day to day operations are in line with best practices, understanding that their manager is following proper procedures, and comfort that little details are properly handled, the operational audit is for you. 

Comprehensive audits are for everyone else! When you want a full review of your company, to know what you don't know, or if you think theft is happening, a comprehensive audit is your best choice. We dig through every detail of your company and ensure that everything is according to industry best practice. 

I've never had an audit before. What should I expect? 

Expect to be razzle dazzled.  Well, that might be dramatic.  We will talk to you before our audit is scheduled and request a few operational reports. If you have areas of concern, we will discuss that beforehand to makes sure we are on the same page with your expectations.  

During the audit, we ask A LOT of questions. We believe in understanding before diagnosing.  We review each process and procedure and look for ways to improve the business, seeking to understand the why and the how. We will discuss any opportunities that we discover and work through implementing those ideas to determine if they are feasible and how they will affect your operations. 

After the audit, we will provide a report of findings, why the findings are relevant, and suggestions on implementation. We are available to implement the discoveries and work with you until each suggestion is fully integrated into your operations. 

Ready for an audit?

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